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How do they work?

Despite their tiny size, transfer factors and nanofractions can make a big impact on the immune system.*

Be Smart.
Your immune system relies on information. Specifically, it needs to know (1) that there’s a problem and (2) how to deal with it. The communication molecules of 4Life Transfer Factor keep your immune system informed and ready to respond.

Be Speedy.
4Life Transfer Factor® helps your immune system act quickly, keeping your immune system in fighting form.

Be Effective.
4Life Transfer Factor® educates your immune system; it tracks the invaders you’ve encountered in the past and how your body dealt with them. This history of success helps your immune system respond quickly and effectively to each new event.


* Note: In accord with FDA regulations, no therapeutic claims are made for 4Life products.

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Immune Disorders

• Addison’s disease
• allergies
• AIDS • anemia
• anti-TBM • nephritis • ardrides • arteritis
• arthritis • asthma
• autism
• Bebcet’s syndrome • bronchitis
• cancer (100s) • cardiomyopathy
• celiac disease
• chronic active hepatitis • chronic fatigue syndr.
• colds cold sores
• Crohn’s disease • cryopathies • dermatomyositis • dermatitis • diabetes • fibromyalgia
• flu - various strains
• flu Asian • bird flu
• gluten-sensitive enteropathy • Garve’s disease
• Gullain-Barre syndr. • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis • hayfever
• irritable bowel disorder • inflamm. bowel disorder • rhinitis • sinusitis • herpes • infections • hives • Kawasaki’s disease • lupus • lymnes disease • mellitus • multiple sclerosis • myasthenia gravis • pernicious anemia • polymyositis • psoriasis • Raynaud’s disease
• reative ardrides
• rheumatic fever • rheumatoid arthritis • sacodidosis • SARS virus • scleroderma • shingles • Sjogren’s syndrome
• thyroid disease
• and many more!

Note: In accord with FDA regulations, no therapeutic claims are made for 4Life products.



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I work with busy business owners to solve that problem through We provide an automated, yet highly personalized card system for customer follow up, thank yous, birthdays, product or event announcements, even for generating referrals.

With you send your customers highly personalized cards (like this) through the mail using our unique website technology without ever leaving your office! So using our product does NOT add to your busy day, yet it gives you an easy way to have that personal customer contact. You could send 5 or 500 cards in 5 minutes, in your own handwriting, and even upload a picture or logo into the card.

Our motto: People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you make them feel. For about $5 per year per customer you can make your customers feel special and appreciated, and they will never forget you.

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Contact Us

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me directly.

Passionate about YOUR success!

Denis McCarthy
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SendOutCards Associate

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Phone: +618 9430-7777
Phone: +618 6102-1002
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P.O. Box 789, Fremantle 6959, W. Australia

"Changing Lives... One Card at a Time"
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How It Works

An Online Contact Manager to help you organize and add contact information

Benefit from an extensive Card Catalog with cards for every occasions: to wish your clients' birthday, to remind them of your service, to send them a personal note... Just use the calendar & reminder system to manage contact information and special occasions.

The ability to create custom cards, write in your own personal handwriting fonts, even add pictures and gifts
Now you can really personalize every one of your cards by having your own handwriting print on your cards!
You simply fill out a handwriting and signature form, then mail it to SendOutCards. They will then process it in 7-10 business days from the date they receive it. Once the font has been processed to your account, you can use it any time you would like, in any card.

Send Out Cards

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